Ever wondered how the big leaders like Amazon, Flipkart, and eBay are ruling the eCommerce arena.
Apart from other marketing initiatives, all of these websites work closely with affiliate partners. This is the easiest of all marketing programs that you can do with little efforts. If you own a WordPress-powered online store, install a high-quality affiliate program extension on your site to get started.

If you haven’t launched an affiliate program as of yet, herein are some serious stats to rethink:

  • Over 90% of companies agreed that they were able to achieve commercial success with affiliate programs.
  • Today, over 81% of U.S. advertisers use affiliate marketing to spread brand awareness and boost sales
  • The affiliate marketing sector is worth over $12 billion.
  • According to Google Trends, “search interest in affiliate marketing is up over 200% between 2015-2020” (Supermetrics)

Unlike all other forms of marketing, this is a sure-shot strategy where you’re at the least risk of losing money. Reward the affiliate marketer only when they make a sale. It’s easy, hassle-free, and an effective marketing tactics for eCommerce businesses.
You can make this more easy by installing WordPress & WooCommerce Affiliate Program which helps you to market your products through your affiliate team and through which you can generate more income from your eCommerce site.

You can also install the lite version Affiliate Lite – Affiliate Program With MLM for your satisfaction that plugin is going to fulfill all your requirements.

Do you want to generate more sales on your WooCommerce store?

Read this entire article to know how affiliate marketing can help to escalate online store sales.

Why Is It Worthy to Use Affiliate Marketing?

1. Pay Only When Sales Happen

Unlike other programs, you don’t need to pay for just traffic. You pay the partner when a sale is generated through the concerned link. It ensures improved ROI experience than any other marketing campaign.

The system also encourages the affiliate marketer to leverage efforts to drive sales to your website to boost earnings.

2. Trackable Performance Metrics

With the right set of tools it is easy to measure each and every metric- clicks, sales, net revenue, earnings, etc. Using powerful plugins both affiliates as well as the WooCommerce storeowners to track performance reports.

The data extracted through real-time tracking provides insights on:

  • The specific link that generated the sale.
  • The links that directed the customers to the landing pages.
  • Number of items purchased after clicking the link.
  • Net revenue earned from the purchases.

These are some of the basic reports to measure how well the affiliate program is performing. The reports tab on the admin dashboard has details based on a range of metrics used to analyze affiliate program performance.

Apart from transparency, these metrics help you to identify the websites sending maximum quality traffic and generating sales leads. You will also be able to understand what type of marketing elements are helpful to convert leads into sales- banner ads, links, etc.

3. Boost Brand Awareness

Most new eCommerce webmasters struggle to convey their brand message to the target audience. Partnering is niche affiliate marketer’s website facilitates you to promote your product line to potential buyers.

Their informative promotional strategy helps to raise website visibility and conversion through quality traffic. In the due course, they actually help to maximize your brand presence online.

4. Establish Trustworthiness for Your Website

When it comes to shopping online, people are reluctant to purchase from a new online store. They are speculative about the services, customer support, delivery, etc.

he affiliate marketers present genuine opinion about products and services via their website content to keep their audiences informed.

This sort of third party validation helps to win the trust of the potential buyers and motivates them to purchase on website. They are sure to return for more purchases if they find the product impressive and satisfied with the services.

5. Rise High on the SERPs

The affiliate links from authoritative websites bestow double benefit. Apart from bringing a plethora of traffic and increasing sales, they serve as very high quality backlinks on these sites.

The links to the product pages help your SEO program as well to grab the higher position on the search engine result pages (SERPs).

6. Cost Effective Marketing Strategy

Unlike other expensive digital marketing campaigns, affiliate marketing is a low-cost marketing program to boost sales on your eCommerce website.

Since you pay a part from the sales generated on your store, it is actually the best ROI to achieve than from any other forms of marketing.

7. Social Proof for the Target Audience

Over 95% customers prefer reading product reviews before buying anything online. It means, they trust the opinion of other buyers rather than what the brand owners say about own products.

The opinion and suggestions of the affiliate marketers matter a lot in creating social proof. The product recommendation from multiple affiliate marketers, encourages the buyers to purchase on your website.

8. Earn Before You Release the Payout

This is absolutely no risk online marketing strategy for small and new businesses. You don’t need to pay anything to the affiliate marketer upfront to promote the products on their website.

You can place banners, promotional links, and other elements to drive traffic to your product pages. Pay the commission fee only after the sales transaction is over.

I own a WooCommerce website. What Next?

If this is your query too, it’s time to start planning about affiliate program for your website. You must also do an announcement to invite interested affiliate marketers to join the program.

But before you do, install a standard WordPress and WooCommerce Affiliate Program plugin on your store website. Buy Affiliate Program for WooCommerce plugin powered by WordPress from here

The feature-packed module facilitates the storeowners to regulate a seamless affiliate marketing program.

It also allows the interested niche bloggers and affiliate site owners to sign up and join the program.

Now that you know how crucial affiliate marketing is for the eCommerce businesses, it’s your turn to incorporate affiliate program in the existing marketing campaign to boost sales on the online store.