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Gravity PDF – Features

New Features

Create Google Sheets

A new feature creates a google sheet that is introduced in our plugin latest version. Now admin can get all the new entries in Google sheet.

Create CSV of All Entries

Now admin can get a CSV file of Gravity Forms Entries. A new feature “Create CSV” is added in the bulk option setting of the Gravity Forms Entries Page which helps admin to create CSV of all Entries.

Create Excel From Entries Page

Now admin can create an excel file of all entries in his form at a single click. In the bulk action setting of the Gravity Forms entries page a new feature “Create Excel” was added which helps the admin in creating excel of all gravity form entries.

Enhance PDF view with our two new templates

These two templates (i.e. Focus Fields & Focus Gravity) enhances the design and layout of the PDF. Admin can select among both of these templates or he may write his own CSS for the PDF. He can also change the field’s background color of the PDF to be created.

Update the generated PDF after creation

Now if admin updates any previous entry the related PDF is also updated.

Key Features

Supports All Gravity Forms Fields

  • Standard Fields
  • Advance Fields
  • Post Fields
  • Pricing Fields

Provides PDF security

This plugin provides facility to the user to secure their PDF with a password so nobody can access it without their permission.

Enable Form Preview

This setting displays the form preview when enable, through which the user can check their form entries before submitting the form.

Generate Bulk PDF

From the entries page of gravity forms, the user can create all entries PDF at once.

Prevents Copy Paste

Disable copy paste setting for text fields of gravity form. Disabling copy paste will provide the functionality to the admin to restrict other users from copying text from the field or to paste the copied text to the field.

Preview Your PDF Format

The ‘Preview PDF’ button on the Gravity Forms Setting page provides the user a facility to check the format of the PDF before making it.

Get PDF When You Want

From the entries page of gravity forms, user can access the previously created PDF.

Other Features

Customizable PDF Header

Design PDF header through WP Editor. Users can change header content, CSS, fonts, font size, and provides margin too.

Customizable PDF Footer

Design PDF footer through WP Editor. Users can change footer content, CSS, fonts, font size, and provides margin too.

Enhanced PDF customization through WP Editor

Design whole-body of PDF with the use of WP Editor. Add or remove fields in the editor as you want in your PDF.

Add Watermark Image/Text in PDF

This functionality makes the PDF look better. You can add a watermark image or watermark text and change its opacity accordingly. The image dimension can also be set using the setting.

Specify Position For Watermark Image

Position your watermark image where you want in your PDF.

Specify Position For Watermark Text

Position your watermark text where you want in your PDF.

Specify Watermark Text Font Size

Set watermark text font size according to your requirement.

Add Background Wallpaper/Color

Users can add images or colors in the PDF background.

RTL Support

It supports Arabic or languages which start from right align.

All Fonts & Custom CSS supported

Select among 40 fonts write your own CSS for header, footer, and body.

Customizable PDF Download Button

Changeable PDF button with the image which the user wants.

Get PDF on Mail

Users can either download or send an attachment with mail the generated PDF or do both.

Show/Hide Empty Fields

Get the fields that you want in your PDF. Empty field can be ignored using the setting.

Show/Hide Page Number

User can also hide the page number displayed in the footer

Various PDF Page Size

Select among 266-page sizes for the PDF pages.

Choose Page Orientation

Select among Portrait and Landscape mode for the page orientation.

Show Page Names On Each Page

Display page names on the PDF. Requires the use of the Page Break Field which is in the gravity forms standard fields.

Easily Generate PDF with gravity Forms Feed

After saving all the settings just click on the Download PDF button and the PDF is created.

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