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Gravity PDF – Work Flow

Setting that need to perform on Gravity Forms.

  • Create a form through gravity form.
  • On clicking new form in gravity forms setting a popup came.
  • By filling these fields and clicking create form a form is generated.
  • Add the fields which you want in your form.
  • After adding the form fields your form is now fully created.
  • Create a post or page and add the short-code of gravity form to use it on that page.
  • Now add this form in post or page to use it for filling entries.

Step 2. Perform all admin settings of Gravity Form to PDF.

  • Change the PDF format setting for the new fields you have created.
  • Now fill the form which you have created.
  • On Clicking the Review Form then Submit button download PDF button or the image you have given for the PDF button will appears.
  • Click on DOWNLOAD PDF button to get the PDF.
  • Get attachment too with your mail.
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