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Subscriptions & Memberships – Features

Key Subscription Features

If you want to sell and manage subscriptions on your WooCommerce web store, the WooCommerce Subscription and Membership Plugin has lot to offer with a range of functions and features.

Simple Subscriptions and Variable Subscriptions

Whether you have categorized your products on the WooCommerce store as Simple Product or Variable Product (having various attributes in terms of size, color or other options), this plugin allows you manage your specific products as Simple Product Subscription or Variable Product Subscription.

Order Subscription

You can track and manage the entire history of transactions of all orders during the entire subscription period for each subscriber including the order subscriptions for all non-subscription and non-member products. Select and set up a specific number of subscription renewals and subscription duration.

Subscription Payment Synchronization

With this extension you can introduce subscription payment synchronization features that helps you to maintain a specific date for the subscription renewal payments.

Charge Prorated Amount for Synchronized Subscription

Impose prorated amount for the remaining period on the current billing cycle. It ensures the subscribers pay the money only for the number of days within the current billing cycle and not the subscription fee for the entire month.

Enable Multiple Purchases Options in a Single Checkout

Allow your customers to purchase both subscribed products and non-subscription products during a single checkout.

The customers having multiple subscriptions on the WooCommerce store can make purchases under different subscriptions in a Single Checkout.

Inbuilt Stripe and PayPal Payments for Automatic Subscription Renewal

The customers can link their PayPal or Stripe account to their subscriptions and set up automatic renewal on the selected payment date.

Manual Subscription Renewal

The customers who do not wish to set up automatic renewal may choose to make payments manually every month. This plugin allows manual payments through all WooCommerce supported payment gateways.

Free/Paid Trial Supported

Offer a free or paid trial for all types of subscriptions to your customers. Set up whether you want to offer any trial period for the store buyers. Choose whether you want to offer a free or paid trial.

Include/Exclude Shipping Costs

You may choose to include or exclude the shipping charges within the subscription renewal fee.

Send Multiple Payment Reminder Notifications

This plugin allows you to set up multiple payment reminder email notifications for the subscribers choosing manual subscription renewals.

Membership Subscriptions via WooCommerce Platform

Sell membership subscriptions on WooCommerce to your customers based on their preferred membership plan.

Highly customizable

An array of customization features to manage your subscriptions and memberships as preferred from time to time.

Master Log for All Transaction Records

Use the master log feature on this plugin to maintain a record of all transactions throughout your WooCommerce store

WPML Compatible and Translation Ready

Run your plugin and WooCommerce Store in multiple languages. Our plugin is 100% WPML compatible.

The .pot file is included in this plugin for translation into any of the supported languages.

Key Membership Features

Besides an array of subscription features, and customizable settings, you can even manage your web store on this plugin. Create multi-level exclusive membership. Customize the settings to allow access to these perks and benefits to your members while offering free or paid membership packages.

Unlimited Paid/Free Membership Levels

You can set up different types of membership plans (both free or paid) on your WooCommerce store for unlimited customers. Set up as many membership levels as preferred.

Trial Free/Paid period

A free or paid trial is always a welcome offer for your customers who want to test the membership benefits before joining. You can set up a free or paid (at a special discount price) trial provisions for any selected membership plan for a specific period.

Content Lockers protect

The content lock and protect feature on this plugin allows you to restrict content access to the customers based on their memberships. Set up your own rules to display the contents, pages, URLs, images, or videos based on the membership level of the customer.

The content lock protection is available for all files, webpages, URLs, posts, product categories, etc.

Sell Subscriptions via WooCommerce platform

This plugin supports all WooCommerce payment gateways so you can sell single product or variable product subscriptions.

Drip Content protection

Don’t want to send all your content at once to your members? With the drip content protection, schedule the content as they appear to your audience from time to time.

Set up various intervals for different content, posts as they should appear to your members, audiences.

Content release options available with the drip content feature includes:

  • Instantly after publishing

  • After a specific period from the time of starting the subscription

  • As per a scheduled date

Want to stop showing your content?

Herein are some available options:

  • Never

  • After a specific period from the time of publishing your content

  • As per a scheduled date

Set schedule for all your content to appear to your audiences so that they are not flooded with everything at a single instance.

With content locker and drip content protection you can protect hundreds of pages or posts at once. The plugin also allows bulk editing functionality to update information as and when required.

The posts that user from any of the membership levels does not have access to will be removed from all lists and menus as set by the admin.

Restrict Pages or any URL

With simple click operation, you can select to hide or display any content, page, or URL to any selected membership level subscribers. Depending on the subscription period and level chosen by the customer, you can choose when and what to show to the members of the particular membership.

You can also restrict access to exclusive posts, URLs, or pages, including custom WordPress post types.

This plugin offers granular access control using robust built-in access restriction shortcodes.

Subscriptions Plan

Set up customized subscription plans for different membership levels. For upper level memberships, you can offer special subscription rules and benefits and so on.

Multiple Options to Grant Content Access

You can set up multiple options to grant content access to the members based on their chosen membership plan. There are options to grant access to:

  • only all members or all non-members (content with common access to all visitors)

  • only members on specific membership plans

  • only non-members or members without specific membership plans

Set Up Optional Expiry Time

With this feature, you can facilitate the subscribers optional expiration time so that users can get what they are paying for.

Set Automatic Membership Expiry Rules

This feature when enabled will automatically result in membership expiry if the customer chooses to cancel or seek refund for the corresponding orders

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