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WordPress and WooCommerce AFFILIATE PROGRAM is a Affiliate Marketing Plugin. It helps you to market your products through your affiliate team and through which you can generate more income from your Ecommerce site by having more visibility and higher traffic. To achieve this you just have to install our plugin and sit back and relax with your friends or family. We got everything covered for you with dozens of features available.

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how affiliate works wordpress woocommerce affiliate program how it works


By using our Plugin you can run an AFFILIATE SYSTEM on your website. By rewarding your Affiliates with different types of commission and bonuses.

  • It will increase your site’s VISIBILITY on SEO engines.
  • With our plugin you will surely reach the next level with INCREASED SALES.
  • Your products will be marketed through different SOCIAL MEDIA platforms.
  • And your site will get HIGHER TRAFFIC with all these features.

Multi Level Marketing ( MLM ) with Affiliate Marketing

Choose any of the MLM Matrix from Binary, Forced Matrix and Unilevel and start earning money through your MLM members. You can set number of child and levels of MLM chain. And you can also even set commission for each level. wordpress woocommerce affiliate program multi level marketing mlm

Two Way Commission

Now admin can give commissions to users in the form of product discounts which is referred by Affiliate. Commission for a user can be set from the product edit page. Only product wise commission for a user is available.

Manual Referral/Commission

Some time admin needs to add manual commission for an affiliate. So we have added manual referral/commission setting for admin.

Social Media Share for Affiliate Marketing

You can show Social Media Share icons on Shop page and Product page. And you can also select from 5 different Icon Packs with our Add-on. wordpress woocommerce affiliate program social media share addon

Compatible with Easy Digital Downloads

Now you can implement Affiliate system and Multi Level Marketing for easy digital downloads ( EDD ), reward your affiliates for marketing your digital products.

Affiliate Marketing Key Features :

wordpress woocommerce affiliate program key features

Unlimited Affiliates :

You can create as many affiliates as you want to promote your products.

GDPR Compliant :

The User’s Data will be appended in WordPress Export and Erase Personal Data Tools.

Advanced Affiliate Marketing Tools :

These tools also helps the Affiliate to market or promote your products easily and effectively.

Manual Referral Of Affiliate Marketing :

Now the admin can add manual referral for any affiliate.

Set Maximum Commission Limit Of Affiliate Marketing :

Set a maximum commission limit for a month, so that you do not need to pay your affiliate once the threshold limit is reached.

Marketing through Social Media :

With this functionality an affiliate can share the product’s affiliate link on social media platforms like Facebook, Twitter, Gmail, Whatsapp.

Option to choose between Referral Link or Referral Code :

You can choose whether to use Referral Links or Referral Code according to your requirements. Referral Code can be used by the affiliates to share with their groups.

4 Different Register Templates to Choose From :

You can choose from 4 different Register Templates according to your theme requirements. And you can easily customize form elements with pre-defined options.

Extra Features

Affiliate Marketing Extended Features List :


The Multi Level Marketing will also provide you with the best 3 Matrix used in the market by most of the businesses.

Own Referral

The Affiliate can also generate commission by buying from his own referral link. That means it is a win situation for you and your affiliate.

Lifetime / Unlimited Commission

It also provide Lifetime / Unlimited Commission to your affiliates.

Dynamic & Conditional Commission Rules

Commission on products can be set in 3 different levels :

  • 1st Priority – Per product.
  • 2nd Priority – Per category.
  • 3rd and last Priority – All Products.


The Affiliates can generate coupons of their earning which can also be applied during the buying product from your site.

PayPal Payouts

Do multiple payouts with just a single click. All of your affiliates with PayPal account will get the payout with just a single click.

Stripe Payouts

Use Stripe’s payment gateway to pay US affiliates.

Banner Generation

Affiliate can also generate product banner that they can directly use on their marketing platforms.

Link Generation

The Affiliates can create a referral link for any product with just a few clicks.

QR code

The referral links can also be shared through QR codes.

Referral Notification

After a successful referral, an email with all the commission details is also sent to affiliate.

Commission based on User

The Commission can be set according to different users. Users can also reach to next level of commission once they completed a specific achievement.

Different Product based Commission Types :

3 different types of commission can be set to a specific product/ a category/ all products :

  1. Fixed Price Commission.
  2. Percentage Commission.
  3. Fixed + Percentage Commission.

Affiliate Marketing Performance Bonus

This provide an extra incentive when the affiliate unlocks an achievement.

Withdrawal Fees

When you do payout with PayPal / Stripe they charge you a fee but do not worry we got that covered too. Set the amount which you want to deduct from the affiliate’s total commission before making a final payment.

Dashboard Overview

You can also check each and every details about the referrals from our simple yet beautiful dashboard section.

Affiliate Marketing Verification

You can verify the user before they become an affiliate.

Unlimited Affiliates

You can also create as many affiliates as you want to promote your products.

Affiliate Marketing Tools

Tools to market your products easily.


Send the latest commission details via email for different products/ categories with just a single click to all of your affiliates.

Share on Social Media

With this functionality an affiliate can share the product’s affiliate link on social media platforms like Facebook, Twitter, Gmail and Whatsapp.

Signup Bonus

Get more users to your site by providing signup bonus to Affiliates when someone REGISTER from their referral link.

Minimum Requirement :

  • WordPress 4.0 or greater.
  • WooCommerce 2.6.0 or greater.
  • PHP version 5.5.5 or greater.
  • MySQL version 5.0 or greater.

Translation Ready

.pot file included, for easy translation Thank-you for showing your interest in WordPress & WooCommerce Affiliate Program, RedefiningTheWeb.


23.01.2021 - ver 4.0.0
   - Add: Implement logout functionality in all three templates.
   - Fixed: Corrected MLM structure
   - Fixed: js issues.
   - Fixed: Error while payout using PayPal.
   - Other minor bugs fixes

12.12.2020 - ver 4.0.0
   - Graphical representation of an overview
   - No reload Affiliate Panel
   - Switch template to Lite and Dark Mode
   - Track Number of Hit's and Purchase in Report tab
   - Track sales and commission on the same date
   - Different layout for payout
   - Animated representation of MLM plan for better understanding of how the chain is going to form
   - Admin can know the parent through whom referral link affiliate Registered
   - Other Minor bug fixes

 28.07.2020 - ver 3.2.0

   - Added Pay to Become Affiliate Feature
   - Custom registration form data will be shown on the user edit page(Admin)
   - Given Option to disable Registration and Login form in Affiliate Page
   - Added option for decimal and thousand separator
   - Added social login feature in social media addon - Facebook, Linked-in, Gmail
   - Solved bug of product not shown on the frontend for banned.
   - Solved bug of generating cookie by having affiliate id.
   - Other Minor bug fixes

 31.05.2020 - ver 3.1.0

   - Custom Banner feature added
   - Added New Template for affiliate dashboard
   - Custom field bug solved
   - Elementor and other builder issues solved
   - Affiliate link bug for custom permalink structure solved
   - Other Minor bug fixes

  27.03.2020 - ver 3.0.1

   - Signup redirect issue fixed
   - Login redirect issue fixed
   - Other Minor bug fixes

   19.02.2020 - ver 3.0.0

   - Compatible with Easy Digital Downloads
   - Added Option to add a separate page for affiliate login 
   - Added Option to add a separate page for affiliate signup
   - Password Reset Page compatible with registration template
   - Improved Redirect on Affiliate Login and Signup
   - Added option to give the reason for declining referrals
   - Improved become affiliate section
   - Other Minor Bugs Fixed

   18.12.2019 - ver 2.6.0

   - Two Way Commission feature is added
   - Commission for the user can be set from the product edit page
   - Product-wise commission for users has been added
   - Saving options bug fixed
   - Other Minor Bugs Fixed

   6.12.2019 - ver 2.5.1
   - Extra Setting Feature Save option bug fixed
   - Other Minor bug fixes

   28.11.2019 - ver 2.5.0
   - Added option to remove purchase code from the current website so that user can move the plugin to live site
   - Added option for changing labels of the affiliate dashboard
   - MLM Bug Fixed
   - Performance Bonus Fixed
   - Other Minor Bugs Fixed

   11.11.2019 - ver 2.4.0
   - Added option to set decimal setting
   - Unlimited Commission issue fixed
   - Other Minor bug fixes

   18.09.2019 - ver 2.3.0
   - Added options for manual referral
   - Mobile Responsive issue has been fixed
   - Other Minor bug fixes

   06.09.2019 - ver 2.2.0
   - Added login form shortcode for customer login
   - Added custom fields option for the register template
   - Added register/login form template
   - Minor bug fixes and Stability improvements
   29.07.2019 - ver 2.1.3
   - Added feature to give Lifetime/Unlimited Commission to affiliates
   - Added a new Addon to use 4 Register Templates to show users for Affiliate Signup
   - Templates can be customized using backend settings
   - Added option to change the text for Affiliate Dashboard ( frontend )
   - Added option to Show/Hide Affiliate menu under WooCommerce->My Account tab
   - Now plugin's Settings are directly under WordPress Menu
   - Improved Stripe Payouts
   - Update for social media share also released
   - Minor bug fixes and Stability improvements

   22.06.2019 - ver 2.1.2
   - Added option to send Email Notification to Admin on commission generation
   - Improved MLM flow while user deletion

   14.06.2019 - ver 2.1.1
   - Added functionality to use 'Referral Code' for Affiliate and MLM system
   - Added option to show Social Media Share icons at Shop Page and Product Page (Add-on)
   - Added option to choose Social Media Share icons from 5 different icon packs (Add-on)
   - Minor Bug Fixes

   05.06.2019 - ver 2.1.0
   - Added Feature to set LIMIT ( No limit, Daily, Weekly, Monthly ) on Share Bonus
   - Added Option to use 'Referral Code' instead of browser cookie for MLM sharing and Signup Bonus 
   - Minor Bug Fixes

   28.05.2019 - ver 2.0.0
   - Added MLM ( Binary, Forced Matrix, Unilevel )
   - Added option to request for commission withdraw

   22.05.2019 - ver 1.0.4
   - Minor Bug Fixes

   18.05.2019 - ver 1.0.3
   - Now more than one Ad Banner can be added to the same page
   - Added option to select affiliate page for frontend
   - Added option to add custom CSS for frontend
   - Improved wallet system

   08.05.2019 - ver 1.0.2
   - Added User-based commission
   - Added User levels for User-based commission
   - Added option to check order status before approving a referral
   - Now there is an option to set Limited/Unlimited commission to affiliates in a month
   - A Default URL is set for easy generation of referral links
   - Minor Bug Fixes

   18.04.2019 - ver 1.0.1

   - Referral listing for affiliates
   - Minor Bug Fixes

   02.04.2019 - ver 1.0.0

   - Initial Release

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