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WooCommerce PDF Catalog With Flipbook


The WooCommerce PDF  Catalog with Flipbook is the next generation WordPress plugin is an all-in-one solution for storeowners looking to publicize their store online as well as offline.

The plugin gives you twin benefits:

  • It allows the site admin to develop printable PDF catalogs of all products along with the respective description on their WooCommerce store
  • Create ultimate futuristic 3D flipbooks from PDF catalogs on the website.

You can take control of all the supported functionalities and features from a single user-friendly dashboard. Sellers who want to promote their online store products offline can print awesome PDF catalogs with a beautiful presentation of all merchandise stocks available for sale on their WooCommerce store.

The flipbooks on your online store make the content more appealing for the target audience, eases search engine indexing, and so much more.

With excellent UI, installation guides, and active customer support, this plugin is easy to install and use on any WooCommerce store.


The WooCommerceCatalog with PDF Flipbook is highly functional for creating PDF catalogs and customized 3D Flipbooks on your WooCommerce product gallery.

Loaded with an array of customizable features, this plugin allows the users to bestow an elegant professional appeal to the PDF catalogs to achieve the desired appearance.

It is 100% HTML5 compatible and does not require flash support. With quick installation, easy UI, and embedded WP Editor, the admin can customize anything- product appearances on the store, descriptions, and so much more.

Choose the responsive mode to optimize the flipbooks for multiple devices. Create double-page views for big-screen devices- laptops and PCs. You can display ‘single page view’ for mobile users.

This plugin is compatible with dynamic HTML content on your website. Maintain standard text fonts and flipbook appearance for the utmost clarity and comfortable reading on all devices- automated fallbacks and multiple view modes (single page view/double-page view) included.

Perform PDF text search with keywords, retain the existing PDF hyperlinks, create interactive pages, keep multiple items on the same page using the lightbox mode, and so much more.

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