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Subscriptions & Memberships – Admin Settings

Dashboard :

Here basic overview will show for subscriptions and memberships.

Subscriptions List :

Here you can see all the subscriptions list.

Subscriptions Transactions :

Here you can see all transactions related to subscriptions.

Subscriptions Emails :

You can manage all emails related to subscriptions on clicking “Manage” Button.

Subscriptions General Settings :

This is the general settings tab for the subscriptions. Here you can perform general setup for subscriptions.

Subscriptions User Capabilities Settings :

You can enable subscriptions cancelling, pausing and resuming option for your customers.

Subscriptions Process Flow Settings :

You can define the workflow for the subscriptions payment reminders, suspensions and overdue period through above-provided settings.

Subscriptions Payment Gateway Settings :

you can enable payment gateway for the automatic subscription payment deduction through Stripe and Paypal Express.

Manage Membership Plans :

Here all Memberships plan will display so you can edit them and also you can create a new plan by using “Add Plan” button.

Manage Membership Members :

Here all member who purchased any membership plan will display so you can edit them and also you can create a new member by using the “Add Member” button.

Manage Membership Templates :

You can select the template for membership member directory and member profile. Also, you can use shortcode to any page to display member directory and profile in the front-end.

Content Access Rule :

You can enable/disable restrictions for the all post type according to a membership plan and also for the user that not have any membership plan.

Membership Emails Settings :

Here you can manage all emails of memberships that will send to the user by clicking on the “Manage” button.

Membership General Settings :

These are general settings for the membership related.

Membership Url Restrictions Settings :

Here you can set URL restrictions according to membership plans.

Subscription & Membership Settings for Simple Product :

These are settings where you need to create a subscription product and also a membership product. By purchasing this product user can purchase member plan and product subscriptions.

Subscription & Membership Settings for Variable Product :

These settings are the same as the simple product. Here you can create variations of membership Plan or Subscriptions.

Access Restrictions for Page/Post/Product :

You can provide or restrict access to any post/page/product by using this setting according to membership plans.

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