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There are 4 Different types of Plans in MLM.

  • Binary MLM
  • Forced matrix MLM
  • Unilevel MLM
  • Unlimited MLM

You can choose the MLM type according to your requirement through selecting the MLM type as shown in the below image

Binary MLM:-

  • In Binary MLM, an affiliate must complete a cycle to receive MLM commission.

  • An affiliate can have a maximum of 2 children under their MLM chain.

  • To receive MLM commission, an affiliate needs to register 2 children.

In the above image, you can see the binary plan setting, Max child is set as 2 and MLM type is set as Binary. So Affiliate needs to register 2 children to receive the MLM commission, If the Affiliate has only 1 child under them then also they did not get any MLM commission Affiliate needs to register 2 children under them to receive MLM commission.

Forced Matrix MLM:-

  • In Forced Matrix, the admin sets the depth of the MLM chain and the maximum number of children each user can have.

  • Users start receiving commission once they complete the chain according to the admin’s settings.

  • Affiliates are forced to register a specific number of users as set by the admin to start earning MLM commission.


As you can see in the Above Image Affiliate is Forced to register a number of users set by the admin.

The number of children is set as 3. So to receive the commission affiliates have to complete the chain and for that, they need to register 3 children under them.
As the name Defines itself that Affiliate is Forced to register a number of user-entered by the admin to start earning MLM commission.
If the Affiliate has 2 children under them then also Affiliate is not going to receive the MLM commission, To complete the chain there should be 3 users under an Affiliate.


Unilevel MLM:-

  • In Unilevel Matrix, the depth of the MLM chain can be set, allowing ‘N’ number of children for each user.

  • Affiliates can have only one child under their affiliate chain.

  • If a new user comes through an affiliate’s link, they are placed in the chain below the affiliate.

As you can see in the above image one Affiliate can have only one child under them

So if B, C register using A’s affiliate link then B came under and came under B.
If any new user came through using A’s link then it will come under affiliate C.


Unlimited MLM:-

  • In Unlimited commission, a user can have an unlimited number of users under their affiliate chain.
  • Unlike other plans, there is no strict validation on the maximum number of children an affiliate can have.

  • Even if an affiliate has only one child under their MLM chain, they can receive MLM commission based on admin settings.


As shown in the above Image maximum child is set as 200 and the MLM plan is set as unlimited, according to the setting an affiliate has a maximum of 200 children and the affiliate will receive a commission even if the affiliate has only 1 child under their affiliate chain.

Each MLM plan comes with its own structure and rules, providing flexibility and options for affiliates to build their network. The settings, such as the maximum number of children and depth of the chain, determine the criteria for earning MLM commission in each plan.

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