WordPress PDF Generator Addon for Elementor Page Builder


WordPress PDF Generator Addon for Elementor Page Builder is a fully integrated, comprehensive and user-friendly plugin that allows the end-user to get a static look of their WordPress-powered website or blog created using the Elementor Page Builder.

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Using our plugin helps you to generate PDF with the Elementor Page Builder while retaining the same layout and elements on the page as on the website, blog, custom posts and so on. It helps to achieve trust and credibility among the potential customers and allows the business owners to achieve their branding goals.


Blog readers or end users can easily download the pdf of the blog, posts, custom posts, pages etc with one click.

  • This will provide increase the trust of your customers.
  • This plugin will attract more users.
  • It will make your store unique in the market.
  • This will help you with the branding of your company.


  • You can customize the header of the PDF as you want e.g. you can upload a logo even you can write custom HTML for the header.
  • You may also customize the footer as you want e.g. you can write custom HTML for the footer.
  • You can choose which post type or custom post type you want to generate the PDF.
  • You can add a watermark to make the PDF more attractive and beautiful.
  • You can add custom CSS to the PDF content. Almost all CSS are supported.
  • You can choose what will be the file name of the generated PDF.
  • You can also generate PDF for the WooCommerce Single Product of your store.
  • You can customize the PDF download button by adding a logo of PDF and choose the position where to display the PDF download button through the Elementor Website Builder.
  • .pot file is included for easy translation


Most plugins in the market today are not compatible with all the elements of the Elementor Page Builder plugin. On the other hand, our plugin is an exception loaded with approx Supported Elements, features and compatibility to give you the best user experience having much more than any other in the market.

The most robust and feature-packed plugin ever for Elementor Page Builder, it supports the alignment of Rows, Columns, all Elements and layouts of Elementor. Upon generating the PDF with this plugin you will get the same layout as created using the Elementor on your website.

Furthermore, the plugin has several features such as Custom CSS settings that help you to customize the page elements available on the Elementor Page Builder plugin. It also allows you to show/hide the header and footer elements from the settings. Visit PRO Plugin


Basic Widget of Elementor

  • Customize the DIVIDER Element and HEADING Element with Custom CSS using WP Editor.

Pro Widget of Elementor

Our plugin supports all elements and widgets on the Pro Widget of Elementor:

  • Posts Element
  • Portfolio Element
  • Gallery Widget Element
  • Slides Element
  • Price Lists Element
  • Price Table Element
  • Flip Box Element
  • Call to Action Element
  • Media Carousel Element
  • Testimonial Carousel Element
  • Reviews Element
  • Countdown Element
  • Share Buttons Element

General Widget of Elementor

For the Elementor’s General Widgets used on your WordPress site, our plugin supports all the elements:

  • Image Box Element
  • Icon Box Element
  • Star Rating Element
  • Image Carousel Element
  • Basic Gallery Element
  • Icon List Element
  • Progress Bar Element
  • Testimonial Element
  • Tabs Element
  • Accordion Element
  • Toggle Element
  • Social Icons Element
  • Alert Element

Site Widget of Elementor

  • Sitemap Element
  • Menu Cart Element

Single Widget of Elementor

  • Author Box Element
  • Post Comment Element
  • Post Navigation Element
  • Post Info Element
WooCommerce Widget of Elementor

Our plugin is fully compatible and functional on all types of WooCommerce websites. To bestow the best user experience to all your buyers, we have included all Elementor Page Builder elements specifically designed for online shopping websites.

  • Products Element
  • Custom Add to Cart Element
  • Product Categories Element
  • Gallery Element
  • Cart Element
  • Products by Rating Element
WordPress Widget of Elementor
  • Calendar Element
  • Gallery Element
  • Cart Element
  • Products Element
  • Products by Rating Element
WooCommerce Single Product Page

Creates PDF for WooCommerce single product. Just add the PDF Download Button on the single product page and generate PDF file. It also include security which ensure that the content can not be copied. To do so enable the option “disable copy” from admin settings.


For more information about PDFMentor Pro – WordPress PDF Generator for Elementor in documentation form.Visit Here



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