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Mercado – Features

Key Features

Safe and Trustworthy

With robust double encryption technology, Mercado is the ultimate secure platform to work with multiple sellers at a time with one-time payment solution.

Flexibility and Customization

With both-end customization features, it is possible to change to look and feel of your online store in a way that best addresses your target audience. Both the WooCommerce admin as well as the individual vendors get access to the customization features to choose a design that best suits their business needs.

Multiple Payment Gateways

Mercado supports all standard payment gateways on available on WooCommerce including PayPal, Stripe, Amazon Pay, PayFast, etc.

User-Friendly and Individual Dashboard for Sellers

Each seller gets an individual store with their own customizable separate dashboard on the WooCommerce store. The sellers can manage their account, sales, products, and all other activities on the dashboard in the way required to meet their business operations.

Social Media Logins

Apart from email account login, Mercado supports account sign up and login using all major social media platforms- Facebook, Twitter, Google, and LinkedIn.

WPML Integration

Mercado Pro is fully compatible with WPML integration. No matter where your sellers are based or the zone you are selling products, there is enough flexibility for the users to view the site contents in any of the WordPress supported languages.

Admin-End Features

  • Authoritarian Admin Dashboard

Dynamic and advanced technology and feature-packed admin dashboard facilitate the WooCommerce site owner to take control of all the activities in the marketplace. Get access to track all the information pertaining to the vendors and store activities on the admin dashboard including- products, orders, shipping, etc.

  • Global and Individual Commissions

From the admin panel, the site owner may choose to set a Global commission system applicable to all sellers to escalate the earnings. There is also an option to setup separate commission for each individual seller to earn more revenues per order.

  • Unlimited Vendors for Unlimited Earnings

With Mercado, you can add any number of vendors to sell their products on your WooCommerce marketplace. As a direct and regular source of income, it can raise your earnings. Adding more vendors means more products on the store. Pave your pay to unlimited income because more you sell, more you earn.

  • View and Manage Orders

On the admin dashboard, the WooCommerce store owner gets a detailed overview of all the orders and suborders. Track or change the order status for all orders from all sellers, manage order payments, shipping information, etc.

  • Live Reports and Statements

The admin cam view information of all earnings, sales, orders, and products for each vendor with live current status at a single place on admin panel. Sort and filter information depending on day, year, or specific vendor. The functionality maintains absolute transparency between you and all your sellers.

  • Live AJAX Search with Sort and Filter Functions

When in need of accessing specific details from the bulk database, access the search, sort and filters to get the required information. Get all of the required information with a few clicks totally supported by AJAX to save your time and efforts.

  • Shipping and Tax Management

Setup applicable taxes and shipping method for every order/sale. Choose to set taxes and shipping methods based on zones. The automated settings helps you to manage the shipping and taxes fee receiver.

Just adjust the taxes, shipping methods, and applicable fees zone wise from the settings on the admin panel and it will be automatically applicable for the concerned order.

  • Track Each Individual Vendor Record

Manage all sellers and sales activities from a single place on the admin dashboard. Add or edit vendor’s profile for each seller. Also you can track orders details and products for each vendor at the same place.

  • Assign Products to Vendors

You can assign any product to any vendor from admin panel. Depending on the individual vendor’s performance, you can add, modify, or create duplicate product to any vendor.

  • Create Announcements for Vendors

The admin can create announcements for the vendors as and when required. You may choose to launch a common announcement for all vendors or even create separate notices for each vendor or any one or more sellers.

  • Add Payment to Vendor’s Account

From the Mercado settings, you may choose to add payment to a vendor’s account. You can decide when to pay the vendor after the order completion.

  • Set Withdraw Time Limit

You can set the vendor’s payment withdrawal depending on time and duration in days. Once you are sure about receiving your payment successfully, you can send payment to the concerned vendor.

  • Absolute Flexibility for All Settings

All admin end features on Mercado is fully customizable from the settings. From taking full control of the marketplace to tracking seller’s performance, to order tracking and so much more you can do anything from the settings. Setup and customize all features including your earnings from commissions, withdrawal time period, social media logins api, etc.

Vendor End Features

  • Light and Dark Themes

Mercado pro allows the vendors to change the appearance of the dashboard by applying the light or dark theme with a single click.

  • Duplicate Products

If a vendor prefers to sell a product, others are selling on the website, they can easily create a duplicate product with one-click operation.

  • Generate Coupons

Mercado pro has a coupon section for the vendors. With a few adjustable settings it is easy for the sellers to generate a coupon applicable to a product of his choice.

  • Manage Reviews

Vendors can receive the customer feedback and manage reviews on reviews section of their dashboard.

  • Create Reports

The report feature with advanced filter options allows the vendors to filter data to keep an eye on their sales performances, earnings, and other details. There are different conditions to filter data including date, month, year, products, etc.

  • Manage Shipping

On the dashboard, the vendors can track and the shipping for all orders. Depending on the zone, product weight, or other parameters, the vendors can choose to impose the applicable rates.

There are three types of shipping rate settings on the dashboard:

  • Flat rate
  • Local pickup
  • Free shipping
  • Create Invoice and Packaging Slip

Once setup, the vendors can generate invoice and packaging slip for an order with a single click.

24*7 Customer Support

From download to form setup, the active customer support team is available at all points of time to assist you through the processes so that you can complete the settings with peace of mind. Please feel free to contact us if you have any pre-sales queries or need assistance with your plugin installation/form setup

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