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Contact Form 7 Multistep – Features

Why Use Multistep in Contact Form 7?

When the users find a long online form, they are afraid and hesitate to fill up the form details. If you break up the form into several parts, the layout is soothing to the eyes, easy to understand and fill up. With the Multistep plugin you can:

  • Break the form into several parts
  • Group information under various sections
  • Make the form layout easy to access on small devices (Smartphone, tablets, etc.)
  • Get enhanced UI


Easy Configuration

This plugin has a simple UI. It allows the admin to set up the plugin quickly on any WordPress website or blog in a few seconds. The back-end settings are easy to understand and access.


The layout of the multistep form is comfortable for the eyes. It can easily accommodate a small group of information. Once you split the form, it offers enhanced user experience to the buyers.

Countless Steps Supported

Our multistep plugin supports unlimited steps. The Admin may choose to split the required fields into as many steps as required.

Unlimited numbers of Steps Supported in our Multistep which helps

Pre-defined Templates

The plugin is easy to use without any technical knowledge. No need to create codes to adjust the form layouts. The admin can do it easily from the back-end settings.

The plugin comes with 3 pre-defined multistep form layout templates. If you are running short of time or don’t know how to set up, select any template that matches your requirements.

Step Color

This plugin supports an array of customization features. You may choose any colour for each step to match the colour scheme of your website, business logo, etc.

jQuery Validation

The fields in all steps of the multistep form are jQuery validated. It allows you to verify and validate all the information entered by the user in each field including passwords, credit card information, URL, etc.

Responsive Layout

This plugin offers supreme flexibility for grid and layout adjustments. The fully responsive layout supports automatic adjustment to various screen sizes. Your multistep contact form will be easy to access on the web, mobile, or tablet, independent of the size of the screen.

Customizable Buttons

Make the buttons look more appealing and match the colour theme of your website. You can change the button text, colour, size, and background.

Customer Support

Free premium support for 6 months from the date of purchase


Free lifetime updates for every valid customer


This plugin is compatible with WordPress Contact Form 7 PDF, Google Sheets, & Database.

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