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Variation Swatches Master – Features

Key Features

Convert all Dropdowns into Swatches Automatically

The configuration in this plugin allows you to convert all items in the dropdown lists into swatches just in a few clicks. The action automatically changes the dropdown items to swatches that look beautiful, clutter-free, and well-organized.

Create Different Types of Swatches for Products

There are several options to create swatches for variations of a product. You can get the desired look for the swatches from the settings.
The store admin can access this plugin to get a fully customized appearance for the swatches by adjusting the settings to get multicolor/color, images, texts, buttons, etc.

Create Unlimited Attributes

You can create unlimited attributes for a single product variation as supported on WooCommerce. This plugin allows you to create attributes for as many products as needed.

Create Unlimited Swatches

You can create unlimited swatches for as many products as you want to display on your Shop/ Product Page.

Image Variation Swatches for Single & Shop Page

You can create image swatches for a variation for a single & shop page.


Swatches for Single Product Page

You can also customize the swatches the settings for a single product at a time as per requirement.
Swatches will be displayed on Single Page as you customized in settings.

Color / Multicolor Variation Swatches for Shop & Single Page

The visitors to your store page see the color swatches for available color options for a product (ex. clothes) on Shop & Single Page. You (store admin) can create single as well as multicolor swatches depending on the color/combination color options for the specific product.

Button Variation Swatches for Shop & Single Page

Button variation swatches are available on the settings page. The admin may change the appearance of the button variations to make them more appealing for the users. You can place the ‘Add to Cart’ button on the shop and single page using this plugin.

Text Tooltip for Variation Swatches

The text tooltip offers an improved user experience for the buyer when he/she hovers the cursor over a specific swatch. With this module, you can customize the text that appears on the tooltip for each and every swatch. You can enter custom tooltip text for the swatches from the settings.

Display Swatches for Shop / Archive Page

You can display the swatches on the store or archive page that give some extra information to the visitor. This piece of information is important for influencing the decision of the buyer to click on the product link to visit the product description page.

Rounded & Square Shape Variation for Swatches

You can customize the settings to display the swatches in rounded or square shapes on the Shop & Single Page.

Blur / Hide Variation for Out of Stock

You can adjust the settings from the plugin’s admin panel to blur or hide the products that are currently ‘Out of Stock’ or ‘Unavailable’.

Multiple Display Options for Swatches Types

Admin can choose how the swatches for a variation appear. You can adjust this feature on the settings page. Select the preferred one from the options available for different swatches types like radio, color, image & button.

Custom Attribute Setting

You can add attributes with custom name, slug, description, and type with an unlimited number of terms. This depends on how you want an attribute text to appear on the store or single page.

Styling Tooltip and Other Custom Sections

You can customize the style for tooltips with any desired text or visual element depending on the variation.

Display ‘Add to Cart’ Button at the Shop Page

You can display the ‘add to cart’ button for each product on the shop page. It allows the buyers to add the variable product directly to the shopping cart/checkout page from the shop page. The customer can skip visiting the product page to view the details or purchase an item. It saves time and allows the customer to place an order quickly.

Easy to Operate

The plugin is user-friendly and easy to use.

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