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Can Affiliate receive MLM commission?

MLM (Multi-level marketing)

Forming an MLM chain means If anyone Registers new users under them it is their hard work and the company also gets promoted by this. So The affiliate who is registering new user act like the Parent and get the benefit when any of the children make a sale using their own affiliate link.

Can Affiliate receive MLM commission?

So the answer is No Because MLM Commission is received by the parent, not by the affiliate who is Sending the link.

Let Suppose the chain is something Like this:-


                                                          | ————————————————–|
                                                          B                                                           C
If B send link to anyone and if any user purchased using B’s link then B will receive commission set on the commission tab as Direct commission and A is the parent on B holds level 1 of MLM and receive MLM commission set on the MLM tab.

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