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Create MLM Chain using Affiliate Link

If you want to create an MLM chain using the Affiliate link then Follow the below steps.

Before New User Register MLM chain of Admin.

STEP 1:- 
Create an affiliate link which you are going to share in your network.

As we copied the URL and went to page into affiliate tab to Generate an Affiliate link.

STEP 2:-

Paste the URL into the affiliate tab to generate the affiliate link as shown in the below image.

paste the URL into generate link section and when we click on generate link button the link was generated as shown the below Image.

To share the generated Affiliate link we have to copy the affiliate link.

STEP 3:-

Share the Affiliate link into your network and if any open that link below page was going to show.

Now a new user registers using the Affiliate link like shown below.

STEP 4:-

After Press on the register button, a user is registered, and to become an affiliate of the site and come under an affiliated chain user has to Login and press on becoming an affiliate button below Image appears after the user Login.

When the user Press on to become an affiliate Button A success message

After Successful becoming an affiliate user is able to see the affiliate Dashboard.


In the Above Example, Test1 Register through Admin Affiliate links So Test1 will go under the Admin Affiliate chain as shown below Image.
The chain creates after the user registers using Affiliate Link.



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