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PDFMentor – Work Flow

  • First install the plugin in your site & activate it.
  • After successful installation, go to Elementor PDF Setting to setup the PDF layout and other settings (see the features and functions section for available settings).
  • Go to the ‘Basic Setting’ tab under the ‘Elementor PDF Setting’ menu then select Allowed Post Type eg. Post, Page, Product, etc. for which you want to generate PDF and save the settings.
  • Go to the page for which you want to generate the PDF and click on the Edit with Elementor.


  • After activation of the plugin our widget PDF-Generator will be display in the Elementor widgets. Drag and drop the PDF-Generator widget to your page then click on the Update button.

  • Then go to your page view and click on the PDF button to generate and download the PDF which retains the same layout and elements on the PDF page as on the website, blog, custom posts and so on.





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