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WP & WC integration with WhatsApp – Key Features

Our standout feature is the integration with WhatsApp, a ubiquitous messaging platform. This enables businesses to deliver instant notifications directly to customers in real-time, ensuring efficient and personalized communication. The seamless connection enhances the overall customer experience, making it easy for businesses to share important updates and information promptly.

Main Features :

  • WhatsApp Integration: The notifications are delivered through WhatsApp, a popular messaging platform. This integration allows for efficient and direct communication with customers in real time.
  • WhatsApp reminder for abandoned carts reclaims your items: an automated system that sends a reminder message via WhatsApp shortly after a user abandons their shopping cart on an e-commerce platform.
  • Enable WhatsApp notifications for WooCommerce events: activate WhatsApp notifications for essential events in the WooCommerce ecosystem, facilitating quicker and more efficient communication between the platform and its users for events like new orders, order refunds, order completed, payments, account creation, new coupon, reset password, etc
  • Abandoned cart templates for quick setup: these templates are designed for easy and rapid integration into an e-commerce platform. Businesses can efficiently implement these templates without the need for extensive customization, making the process of setting up an abandoned cart recovery system faster and more straightforward.
  • Create a template using your preferred language: the flexibility to create a template using the language that suits your needs or aligns with your target audience.
  • Personalize your messages & create templates using the plugin: a plugin that empowers users to customize their messages for a personal touch and create reusable templates for efficient and consistent communication.
  • Select templates with one tap, preview included for ease: that prioritizes simplicity and efficiency, allowing users to easily explore, select, and preview templates within a platform or application.
  • Auto-remove abandoned orders after a set number of days: if abandoned orders remain unresolved for a predetermined number of days, automatically delete them.
  • Abandoned Table: abandoned carts will be saved in the plugin back-end. And you can check the records at any time. The records provide information about time, user ID, and cart data.
  • Role-based broadcast/campaign: emphasizes the strategy of sending targeted broadcast or campaign messages, customized according to user roles, with the specific aim of drawing the attention of all customers by providing them with relevant product-related information.
  • View all approved templates in a centralized location: there is a single, organized location that provides a comprehensive view of all templates that have received approval, allowing users to manage and track them efficiently.
  • Glance your WhatsApp Business account details:  the convenience of reviewing essential WhatsApp Business account details, such as phone number, verified name, Quality Rating, and Verification Status, in a single, accessible location. This centralized view facilitates efficient account management and verification.

Automated notifications that can be set up in a WooCommerce store using WhatsApp.

  1. New Coupon Creation:
    • Users will receive automated notifications on WhatsApp whenever a new coupon is created in WooCommerce. This allows store owners or relevant staff to be promptly informed about any new promotional offers or discounts.
  2. New Order:
    • Instant notifications are sent via WhatsApp for every new order placed on the WooCommerce store. This feature ensures that the store owner or designated personnel can quickly acknowledge and process incoming orders in a timely manner.
  3. Cancelled Order:
    • WhatsApp notifications are triggered when a customer cancels an order on the WooCommerce platform. This allows the store owner to be aware of cancellations promptly and potentially reach out to the customer to understand the reason behind the cancellation or provide assistance.
  4. Failed Order:
    • Automated alerts are sent to WhatsApp in case there is a failed attempt at placing an order. This could indicate technical issues or payment problems, prompting the store owner to investigate and resolve the issue to facilitate smooth transactions.
  5. Order On-Hold:
    • Notifications on WhatsApp are received when an order is put on hold in WooCommerce. This can be crucial for taking timely action, such as contacting the customer for additional information or resolving any issues causing the order to be on hold.
  6. Processing Order:
    • Stay informed about the status of order processing through automated WhatsApp notifications. This ensures that relevant staff can monitor the progress of orders and take any necessary steps to facilitate a smooth processing workflow.
  7. Completed Order:
    • Instant updates on WhatsApp are received when an order is successfully completed and ready for shipment or delivery. This allows for quick preparation and dispatch of the order, keeping customers informed about the progress of their purchases.
  8. Refunded Order:
    • WhatsApp notifications are triggered whenever a customer is refunded for an order in WooCommerce. This keeps the store owner informed about any refund transactions and allows for appropriate record-keeping.
  9. Reset Password:
    • Users and store administrators will instantly receive a WhatsApp notification when a user resets their password on the WooCommerce platform. This adds an additional layer of security and ensures that account-related activities are promptly communicated.
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