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Key Feature


The admin can perform a series of tasks with this plugin from the dedicated customized dashboard:

  • Adjust the settings to create rules for returns on a purchased item on the store- number of days from the date of purchase and others.
  • The admin can view the requests placed by the customers in a table
  • View and change request status
  • Use filters to search details from the database

Based on these rules, the customer may place a return request if he/she has received a faulty or damaged item, a different product from that mentioned in the description, etc.

A buyer can log in to their account to see the list of items purchased on the site. From the list, they can choose one item to place a replacement request at a time.


This feature allows a customer to exchange an item he/she has received with a product of choice as per the exchange rules set by the admin on the site.

The customers can log in to their account to view the table containing the history of all purchased items on the store. From this table, they can choose an item to generate an exchange request.

Depending on the item to be exchanged, the customer will have to-

  • Pay the remaining amount if the price of the product requested is higher than the goods to be returned in exchange
  • Receive the balance amount from the vendor if the price of the product requested is lower than the item to be returned in exchange

The admin dashboard has a separate list containing all exchange requests placed on the site. He/she can click on individual requests to view the order details of the specific exchange request and take action accordingly.

Mail System

This WooCommerce extension automatically generates and sends an email notification to the customer as well as the admin when a customer places a request for return, replace, or exchange.

If the customer cancels his request, the system will automatically generate a cancellation notification and send it to the customer as well as the admin.

The plugin also sends an automated notification to the customer whenever the admin changes the status of the return, replace, or exchange request.

Chat Support

This plugin features an Ajax-powered chat system. It allows a customer to contact the admin directly on a live chat after generating the return, replace, and exchange request.

The chatbot on WooCommerce RMA Pro Plugin offers an array of features:

Automated Page Reload
There is no need to reload the page to start, continue, or see the new messages during the live chat.

Notification for Unread Messages
If the admin or the customer has left the chat in between, both will receive a notification about the unread messages. Whenever they view a new tab, the new messages will appear.

Automated Reply
Our plugin features cutting-edge technology to send automated replies to customer queries when the admin is offline.

Customize Chatbot Replies
To respond to customer queries and requests via chat support even when offline, the admin may set predefined answers for all possible questions. When a customer asks a question, he will receive the automated answer set by the admin. You may also add tags if required.

Advance Wallet System

This extension allows the admin to create a wallet for the customers. When a customer places a refund request, the refund amount is deposited in the customer’s wallet. The customer can generate a coupon using the money in the wallet to place an order in the future.

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