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Admin Settings

Shop Coupons Reporting section :

  • Most discounted coupons
  • Top 5 most discounted coupons
  • Top 5 most popular coupons
  • Top 5 most discounted customers
  • Discounted coupon type with amount
  • Most discounted states
  • Most discounted country
  • Used coupons details in respect to order & customers

Apply Coupon On Placed Order Settings :

Enable: Check this box for enable plugin functionality.Select the orderstatus in which Coupon will apply on order : Select Order status on which you want to allow customer to apply coupon on order.Maximum Allowed Days : Enter maximum allowed days that needed to apply coupon.Minimum Order Amount : Enter minimum order amount that needed to apply coupon.Maximum Coupons Count : Enter maximum allowed count of coupons that will allowed to apply on a order.Coupon Approval : Select automatic if you want automatic approval and you want to approve by yourself then select manual.Allowed Users: Select users type that will allowed to apply coupon on order.Allow Customers to Remove Applied Coupon : Allow customer to remove applied coupon(s) from order.Enable Wallet for Refund Paid Amount : Enable to refund users discount amount in wallet that they have already paid.Select the orderstatus in which discounted amount will refund in wallet. : Select Order status on which you want to refund discounted money of order to customer in wallet.

Coupon Apply Request Section :

Coupon Offer Banner Setup :

Enable Coupon Offer Display : Enable this if you want to show offer banner or message to customer in any page.Offer display Page: Select offer display page for customers.Offer will show to:  Select which type of customer can see this offer banner or message.Offer template: Put your offer message template here that will display to customer.
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