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WooCommerce Coupon Manager – Features

Custom Coupon Type

  • Upto fixed cart discount
  • Upto fixed product discount
  • Upto percent discount

Coupons Reporting

  • Most discounted coupons
  • Top 5 most discounted coupons
  • Top 5 most popular coupons
  • Top 5 most discounted customers
  • Discounted coupon type with amount
  • Most discounted states
  • Most discounted countery
  • Used coupons details in respect to order & customers

Display coupon offer popup

  • Offer display page selection
  • Offer coupon code selection
  • Offer display type selection
    • Inline offer on selected page
    • Popup offer display on selected page
  • Customizable offer Template
  • Who will see the coupon offer Banner

Apply Coupon on placed order feature for Customer

  • Merchant can set maximum days for coupon apply
  • Merchant can select order status on which coupon code allowed to apply on Order
  • Merchant can set allowed coupons count for o Order
  • Merchant can set minimum order amount for apply a coupon
  • Customer can remove order coupons from order

Refund Coupons amount to customers of customers allready paid

Merchant can select order status for Refund amount

Dedicated wallet gateway & wallet system for refund amount

Dedicated mailing system for notification on each step

  • Fully custimizable email templates
  • Compatible with all email customizer plugin

Merchant can allow customer to reguest apply coupon an a order if he/she forgatten to apply

  • Merchant can accept or reject customer request
  • Customer will notifie if coupon apply request is acepeted or rejected
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